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random rants about people and other stuff

Tim Bornt
26 February 1988
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i like cheese, lots and lots of cheese
acting silly, air conditioning, alarm clocks, alexandra, ali smith's randomness, alkaline trio, bankside house, bat boy, being weird, ben brodie, big the musical, blink 182, bombers burrito bar, boux-quan-disha morrison, british airways, brooklyn the musical, buckingham palace, buckingham pond, building sets, carolee carmello, catcher in the rye, catwalks, cds, chai lattes, cheap hookers, cheese, chicago, chillin, chinese food, coleman, complaining, copeland, crazy taxi, dahsboard confessional, double decker buses, dragon flies, drama club, drunk people, ducks, edinburgh, edinburgh castle, edinburgh university, europe, european history ap, farcinheit-christen dior, fcuk, fiddler on the roof, fringe festival, funny boxers, gaff tape, glow tape, green day, hairspray, holyrood palace, home star runner, hot coco, hot pockets, hot rod circuit, ice cream cones, idina menzel, jason robert brown, jerry springer the opera, jonathan larson, kishlansky, kristin chenoweth, late night rehearsals, leora flax, little shop of horrors, london, macie saying random things, making modern art, making props, man of la mancha, melee, messenger bags, monkeys, mr. groves jokes, mr. mcgurn, mr. pete, mrs. ponkos, music, musicals, my friends, my ipod, norbert leo butz, nyc, nysti, parade, piccadilly circus, political_conversations_on_the_way_home, popcorn, popsicles, ps2, puzzles, ragtime, rain, raspberries, raul esparza, rent, ronnie day, saying "that sucks butt", saying "ur mama", scotland, scottish chinese food, seussical, shiny objects, showtunes, sideshow, sleep, songs_for_a_new_world, south park, starbucks, stirling castle, swearing, sweet charity, talking to myself, tech, techies, technical theatre, thai food, the auditorium, the fringe store, the point, the royal mile, the simpsons, the tonys, the world goes 'round, theatre, thunder storms, tick...tick...boom!, urinetown, using the word "boyd", violet the musical, vocal orgasms, walkie talkies, weekly world news, weezer, west end, wicked, wool knickers, working the musical, yagmcb